Gather users feedback directly inside your product.

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With, you can embed short and engaging surveys directly inside your product, and get instant feedback from your users. Boost your conversion rates by asking questions where it matters.

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Easy to use tool to gather high quality feedback directly from your users.

Ask for feedback at the right time in the right place

Make feedback a part of your users' journey and ask questions directly inside your product. Improve conversion rates and quality of the feedback you receive.
Tailor engaging experience with variety of survey types and configuration options.

Create engaging surveys.
Use our visual editor to create customised, engaging surveys, tailored to match your needs.
Feedback directly in your product.
Embed surveys directly in your product and make feedback a part of your users journey.
Analyse users' feedback.
Boost the analysis of received responses with powerful tagging system.

Easy to use. No code required.

Copy & Paste single line of code and manage all your surveys via our application.

Simple installation.
Copy & Paste a small, non-blocking script on your web page. No coding required.
Compatible with all frameworks.
Works well with all available frameworks, no need to install any additional dependencies.
Visual editor.
Create, edit and manage your surveys with our easy-to-use, visual editor.
Integrate with existing web applications.
Gather feedback within existing web applications without the need to modify them. Use available triggers to request feedback on different stages of users feedback.

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  • No limits on number of displayed surveys
  • No limits on number of received responses
  • 1 site per account
  • Up to 5 surveys per site
  • Up to 2 months of responses history
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